First contact and a few questions

Johan Vromans jvromans at
Mon Jul 14 13:41:50 EDT 2008


Recently I discovered OpenBox and it seems I finally have found a
window manager that is capable of replacing my almost 20 year old
current window manager, Ctwm.

I have a quite sophisticated setup for Ctwm, and I am now in the
process of implementing most of it in OpenBox. Not surprisingly, this
will result in some questions that I would like to ask, and I hope
they will not sound too stupid for experienced OpenBoxers.

This is the first question: In Ctwm it is possible to mark one of the
items of a submenu as the default choice. This means that if I
position the mouse on the entry of the menu, the submenu is displayed.
If I then click on the entry of the menu (without going to the
submenu!), the default choice from the submenu is executed.

Is this possible with OpenBox?

Second question: I have set the policy to FocusFollowsMouse, with
RaiseOnFocus. If I pop-up a menu and selects an item that has <prompt>
set, a dialog pops up. However, if the mouse is currently in a window,
this window will raise and obscure the dialog.

Shouldn't the dialog be modal, always focus and on top?

Thanks for your patience. And, most important, thanks for the nice

See also: .

-- Johan

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