[openbox] Having transparency "issues"

Bartosz Oudekerk bartosz-openbox at unreachablehost.net
Thu Jul 3 10:21:24 EDT 2008

Doug Barton wrote on 30/06/2008 08:56 -0700:
> On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Bartosz Oudekerk wrote:
> >Doug Barton wrote:
> >>>
> >>>To see if it's application/type specific I also tried roxterm and that
> >>>did not work, but aterm transparency does work. Weird.
> >
> >IIRC, aterms transparency isn't real transparency. Can you actually see
> >other windows behind it, or just the background?
> Just the background of course.
> >If the latter, than you have, contrary to your conclusion, *not*
> >established if transparency works or not.
> Dude, no reason for the hostility. I didn't say that I had established 

It wasn't meant to sound hostile. I thought you were drawing wrong
conclusions and wanted to point that out, because in my experience
wrong assumptions don't really help in getting to the source of a problem.

> whether transparency was working or not. I probably should have said 
> "aterm 'transparency'" above, but my point is that REAL transparency 
> doesn't work at all.

I've reread your original post, and can't find anything that hints at
you knowing the difference. But I guess this is all moot as others have
showed you the solution.

Bartosz Oudekerk
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