[openbox] Openbox on Fedora

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Tue Jul 1 14:24:43 EDT 2008

Ted X Toth wrote:

> Yes of course I was just a bit confused by 
> http://icculus.org/openbox/index.php/Image:LoginOptions.png. How about 
> using xdm to get an openbox session going?

I really like the "slim" login manager: http://slim.berlios.de/

It's very lightweight, with only 4 dependencies that you almost 
certainly already have installed. It supports "halt" and "reboot" 
functions, as well as choosing what WM to start before logging in. It 
also has lots of "eye candy" features and theme-ability. The one thing 
it does not have is remote login capability, but who uses that nowadays 
anyway? :)



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