trouble using Artwiz fonts in Openbox 3.4.4

Michael Andrus centyx at
Mon Sep 17 12:56:05 EDT 2007


I am having trouble configuring OpenBox 3.4.4 to use the fonts by Artwiz.

The font "nu" does not show up in the Appearance/font selection dialog of
obconf but does show up under xfontsel and can be used by other

I have modified my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml so that the ActiveWindow font
entry looks like this:

    <font place="ActiveWindow">
<!-- font size in points -->
<!-- 'bold' or 'normal' -->
<!-- 'italic' or 'normal' -->

I got those settings from xfontsel.

I have also tried only specifying the font name and leaving off the size,
weight, and slant options.

Could someone point me in the right direction?


- Michael
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