[openbox] sound?

Ian Zimmerman itz at madbat.mine.nu
Sun Nov 25 21:07:38 EST 2007

John> It seems like you can already do some of what you want by just
John> adding an action to play the sound in the appropriate places in
John> your rc.xml file.

John> <action name="Execute"><execute>play /path/to/sound.wav</execute></action>

Yes, I have thought of that, but there are two reasons why I think
it is insufficient:

1/ in some environments (e.g. Debian) the users don't control the menus,
so they could add sounds to their key bound events but when the same
events happened via a menu item they would be SOL

2/ similarly, one would need to add same hook in many places of the config,
a sure way for them to eventually become inconsistent

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