ob 3.995, Gkrellm, xfce4-panel, and fbpager

Peter N Spotts pspotts at alum.mit.edu
Wed May 30 16:20:49 EDT 2007


This may be the wrong house to visit on this topic, but I'll try anyway.
I'm running the latest, greatest prerelease of OB3.4 on Xubuntu 7.04.
I've noticed that when Gkrellm is configured to remain hidden on
fbpanel's task bar, it doesn't. It shows up as a task. Now, when I run
xfce4-panel under OB, Gkrellm also shows up on the taskbar. When I run
Xfce, Gkrellm obediently stays off xfce4-panel's task bar. And when I
run fbpanel under Xfce, Gkrellm also is obedient. I've swapped email
with fbpanel's developer, who says fbpanel is automatically set up to
honor program requests to remain off the task bar. So, I naively ask
myself, could the difference rest with something in the window manager
I'm using? The answer can be, "No." But it is curious...

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