[openbox] Some usability comments on chroot keybindings

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Tue May 29 16:36:57 EDT 2007

danakj at orodu.net said:
> >If someone sees a need to keep the current behaviour it could be kept as
> >an option ("passthrough"?).
> This actually allows key quoting.  Say you have a vnc window open with
> Openbox running inside it.  You can enter a chroot in your main
> session, and have all your key bindings work in the nested session!

Understood, this is very useful.  However, it's not the desired
behaviour if I'm doing something like this:

  <keybind key="W-m" chroot="true">
    <keybind key="h">
      <action name="MoveFromEdgeWest"/>
    <keybind key="j">
      <action name="MoveFromEdgeSouth"/>
    <keybind key="k">
      <action name="MoveFromEdgeNorth"/>
    <keybind key="l">
      <action name="MoveFromEdgeEast"/>
    <keybind key="Escape">
      <action name="BreakChroot"/>

In this case I want to enter a "moving this window around" mode, and
don't want to have to press W-m for each step.  However I don't want any
extra keys going to the client by accident.

Maybe I'm just being pedantic :-)

> There is a timeout for non-chroot key chains. Chrooted chains were
> added more or less specifically to avoid the timeout.  Perhaps just
> making it longer would be good, but I'm not sure about that.

The timeout is useful in the above example.  The timeout is not a
biggie though, it's being able to disable the passthrough for some
keychains which I see as more important.

Anyway, the above example with the chroot option is fantastic, now I can
finally move windows around on my laptop without having to use that
annoying touchpad.  Now I'm just wondering if there's some even better
way of combining MoveFromEdge/MoveToEdge into a single intelligent
action that will do what I want.  More on this later once I can define
it better.

Also, is there such a thing as a ResizeToEdge/MaximizeToEdge action?  I
can't divulge it from action.h easily and the old config docs are no
longer on the website.  This would let me do the same thing as above,
but for resizing windows as well.


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