[openbox] [RELEASE] Openbox 3.3.993 released

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Sat May 26 10:09:13 EDT 2007

On 5/26/07, artee at beer.cz <artee at beer.cz> wrote:
> Hi,
>   For me it seems that even obconf 1.6.3 messes up my rc.xml...
>   I tried only to change themes and some lines in my rc.xml got
>   joined to one looong line. Is this a bug?

Perhaps, in your libXML (xmlSaveFormatFile function) but that seems
unlikely. I guess something fishy is going on. I've tried toggling or
changing every option in the program to make sure everything was ok,
and all of them did what was expected, and xmlSaveFormatFile never had
a problem writing back the file with the same format as it was read

You sure the obconf2 tool, or something else, didn't make your config
file one big line beforehand? I would expect it to behave the same way
for everyone.

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