[RELEASE] ObConf 1.6.3

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Fri May 25 16:19:24 EDT 2007

A new release of ObConf 1 is available, with support for some of the
changes in Openbox 3.4:

* You can now set all your fonts in ObConf with the standard GTK font
selection dialog.

* The "focusLast" configuration option has been added to the Focus options.

* In this version, when you change your desktop names, or the number
of desktops, ObConf communicates with Openbox like a pager would to
make the changes in the current session immediately. This is important
as Openbox 3.4 will not change your desktop names or layout in the
middle of a log-in session.

* As well, the way ObConf sets desktop names has been improved. In
Openbox 3.4, unset desktop names get a translated name. So now ObConf
will let you leave desktops unnamed, by not putting anything in the
name field, and you will get the translated desktop name from Openbox.

You can download the new version here:

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