[RELEASE] Openbox 3.3.993 released

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Fri May 25 15:59:14 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

Openbox 3.3.993 is packaged up and ready for action!

This release doesn't have a huge number of changes from 3.3.992, which
is good as we're starting to stabilize. We have 1 new translation
again, and 1 updated one, which is great! We now have Openbox in 20
different languages (though some still need to be updated).

Packages and source code for 3.3.993 are available here:

Here's the list of what we've done for 3.3.993, which is all from you
people's feedback:
* Update for Russian translation
* Added Dutch translation
* Fix for choosing badly sized icons from the window for the window
cycling dialog (and other things). (Fixes Pidgin icon)
* Open child (transient) windows on the current desktop if they don't
have a direct parent, or if the parents are not all on some other
desktop. (Fixes Pidgin and Gimp dialogs appearing on the wrong
* Make windows fit within the available space when they are first
created, if they are not user-positioned. (Fix xpdf making itself
bigger than the space inside the struts, and hiding behind them).
* Don't let child (transient) windows steal focus when the situation
is ambiguous
* Fix bevels and borders display in the titlebar
* Set the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW hint properly, when nothing is focused
(This is the proper fix for libwnck pagers.)
* Fallback focus immediately during iconify animation in all cases
(was missing RevertToParent case)
* Fix new frame elements being given 0 sizes for very small windows
* Send iconified windows to the bottom of the focus order so you can
Alt-Shift-Tab to get back what you just iconified. This makes things
more predictable.
* Show the hostname for remotely run programs in iconified titles
* Stop focus flicker when sending windows to a desktop and following
them, and when changing desktops with an omnipresent window focused
* Empty desktop names in the configuration file are not used, so you
can set a name on the second desktop without having to set one on the
* Make control key work for menu accelerators like it does for mouse
clicking and hitting enter
* Add C-A-Up/Down mouse bindings to switch desktops, similar to the
C-A-Left/Right/Up/Down keyboard bindings

I'd really like to thank the people who brough up the libwnck problem.
 It turned out to be caused by a bug in a completely different part of
the code.  Tracking it down was really a pain but definitely worth it.

I hope that a stable 3.4 release is not far off now.  Please keep
bringing feedback for anything that you notice awry.

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