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Tue Mar 27 17:52:32 EDT 2007


I just got a second display for use together with my laptop. I setup
xinerama at least I *think so* since my xdm is only displayed on the
buildin screen and fullscreen doesn't stretch applications over both
screens as the did with pure x dual head.

Now I'm trying to control which dekstops *and* wich physical screen
certain applications are placed on and I found this

I have the following in the <applications> part my .config/openbox/rc.xml:

   <application class="Firefox-bin">

And lines: with "screen 0" and "screen 1" in the devices in my xorg.conf

However I still get firefox on the left screen. Of course I tried
playing with different values for "head" (even tried putting "head 0/1"
instead of "screen 0/1" in xorg.conf, but then x wouldn't start). I also
tried playing around with the <position>, for instance I thought that 
putting an x-offset of 1024 (the size of my buildin) would force firefox 
to start on the external, but unfortunately not so :-(

Any pointers about how to nail firefox to my external screen would be 
most welcome, thanks in advance...

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