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Clay Barnes clay.barnes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 18:48:05 EDT 2007

On 00:06 Wed 21 Mar     , spg wrote:
> David Barr wrote:
> >spg wrote:
> >>Hi there,
> >>is it allowed to use this mailing list for openbox support questions?
> >>
> >Hi!
> >
> >of course you can ask questions, preferably questions that are not 
> >answered in FAQs or manuals but ,you know, just ask what  you want, 
> >people can always not answer :)
> >
> >David
> Cool,
> well i've been trying to find a good guide or at least more information 
> about configuring my desktops as a 3 x 3 grid instead of 1 line.
> Unfortunatly both the docs and the faq has almost no information about 
> such a configuration , except that it has something to do with the pager.
> Can anyone , either give me more information , a sample or perhaps a 
> good link ?

While OB3 doesn't configure arrangment of desktops (that's the pager's
job), it would be a fairly small change to the code to add syntax for
something like this in rc.xml:

If you feel like coding it, it'd be a nice way to get your feet wet
with OB3 code.  If not, you could file a feature request in the

Or you could just run a pager.  :-P  

I ended up just having a single row of desktops because I run a *very*
lean system and I didn't like having a pager on my desktop (or having
to open and close one with each startup) just for such a small
difference for me.

Clay Barnes

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