praise the team!

Tim Ziegele tactx at
Tue Jul 31 15:38:46 EDT 2007


i have been using openbox3 since a long time. I've also tried 
windowmaker, e16, blackbox, fluxbox and several other window managers, 
but none of them made me feel "home". Ob3 does.

After a while i switched (back) to Windows (why i did that shall not be 
of any interest). I've always been familiar with Windows, and so with 
its "way of handling windows". But i missed something. I was not sure 
what it was.

So a few weeks ago i decided to give Linux and (of course) Ob3 a try 
again. And now i know what i was missing. It was Ob3. I feel "home" again.

I'm writing this simply because i felt like saying "thanks" to the 
people that made and still make it possible for me feeling "home". So 
thanks Ob3-team.

Sincerely yours,


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