[openbox] [RELEASE] Openbox 3.4.3 and ObConf 2.0.2

David Ericson Thiel lx at redundancy.redundancy.org
Fri Jul 27 14:14:09 EDT 2007

On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 11:37:51AM -0400, Dana Jansens wrote:
> Introducing the one and only fantabulous Openbox 3.4.3!

Thanks very much for this release. It's great to have screen warping,
I just have one suggestion about it though - I'm used to warping desktops
and having the mouse/window change position after warping. What I mean
is, if you drag to the right of the screen and the desktop changes
to the right, the window and mouse should now appear on the left, giving
the impression of physically moving the window from one desktop to the
other. Could this be implemented?

(And I'd still love to see edge attraction instead of edge resistance)


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