[openbox] client-list-combined-menu per xinerama head

Bernhard Stöckner elven at swordcoast.net
Wed Jul 25 10:35:38 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 25 July 2007, Hanni Ali wrote:
> It made it and generally this list is very responsive, I think I can speak
> for quite a number of us when I say I just don't understand at all...

Certainly. I am talking about the "client-list-combined-menu". The new one, 
that was introduced with 3.4.x. This has advanced to my sole window picking 
device if I can't find the window by just scanning the screens with my eyes.

Im using 3/4 widescreen xinerama heads at work. After a few hours of work, 
finding the correct window is a real PITA, even when they are all differently 
named. All goes into one listing, because I am not using virtual desktops.

What I am thinking about is some way to group the windows by heads.

In order to understand the following ASCII art, please use a monospaced 
font. ;)

> > > |-Head 1-Desk 1--|-Head 2-Desk 1----|-Head 3-Desk 1--|
> > > | Konsole          Konsole            Firefox        |
> > > | Konsole          Kate             |-Head 3-Desk 3--|
> > > | Firefox          KMail            | another win    |
> > > | (Amarok)       |-Head 2-Desk 2----| another win    |
> > > |-Head 1-Desk 2--|------------------| another win    |
> > > |----------------|                  |----------------|

What this shows is the c-l-c-menu as it is now, but expanded to three lists 
next to each other - one for each xinerama head (in this example: 3).  Below 
each head, the second row, shows the second virtual desktop (if any). Rinse & 

So, horizontally, you have physical heads, and vertically, you have virtual 

Obviously, there'd have to be some sort of configuration (or auto-detection 
from Xorg) option to set what which comes next to which one.

Any more clear?

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