[openbox] [RELEASE] Openbox 3.4.3 and ObConf 2.0.2

Brian de Alwis bsd at cs.ubc.ca
Tue Jul 24 13:04:07 EDT 2007

I use Xinerama with Openbox 3.4.3.  I frequently use the following
bindings to move windows around using the MoveToEdge* actions:

    <keybind key="W-Left"><action name="MoveToEdgeWest"/></keybind>
    <keybind key="W-Right"><action name="MoveToEdgeEast"/></keybind>
    <keybind key="W-Up"><action name="MoveToEdgeNorth"/></keybind>
    <keybind key="W-Down"><action name="MoveToEdgeSouth"/></keybind>

With 3.4.3, these no longer allow moving windows across screens.
With previous versions, issuing a series of movements would bring
the window to the screen edge, and then pop it into the next screen.

Is there some way to accomplish this?  If not, can the previous
behaviour be restored?


On 2007.07.22 11:37:51 -0400, Dana Jansens wrote:
> The MoveFromEdge actions have been rolled into the MoveToEdge actions,
> so you don't need two sets of bindings to move a window to any edge.

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