client-list-combined-menu per xinerama head

Bernhard Stöckner elven at
Tue Jul 17 10:20:50 EDT 2007

Currently, client-list-combined-menu shows windows sorted by virtual desktop, 
which is fine.

What about listing them per virtual head as well? Im working mostly with 
multihead-setups, and the more heads, the more windows pile up. Finding the 
correct window gets a bit tricky.

Like this:

|-Head 1-Desk 1--|-Head 2-Desk 1----|-Head 3-Desk 1--|
| Konsole          Konsole            Firefox        |
| Konsole          Kate             |-Head 3-Desk 3--|
| Firefox          KMail            | another win    |
| (Amarok)       |-Head 2-Desk 2----| another win    |
|-Head 1-Desk 2--|------------------| another win    |
|----------------|                  |----------------|

What do you think? Is it feasible? Is it doable?

Regards, Bernhard

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