[openbox] Disabling raise-on-click

Tore Anderson tore at linpro.no
Fri Aug 31 07:30:19 EDT 2007

* Tore Anderson

>    +-----------+
>    |A          |
>    |    +----+ |
>    | *  |B   | |
>    |    +----+ |
>    +-----------+

* Kacper Wysocki

> Turn off raiseOnFocus in the rc.xml file. You might also want to look
> for all things that do <action name="raise" /> in the config.

  raiseOnFocus is already off - if it was on, A would have been raised
 as soon as the pointer moved from B to A.  The problem is not to give A
 focus without raising it, but to actually be able to click inside its
 frame without raising it.  Scroll wheel events does -not- raise A, but
 all three mouse buttons does, so it's impossible to select some text
 with the pointer, move it back to B, and paste it there, because B
 hides behind A as soon as I try to select something.

  There only match in my rc.xml when grepping for "raise"
 (case-insensitive) is:


  So I don't use the raise action at all...

Tore Anderson

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