[openbox] Helper Windows

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Sat Aug 25 19:47:45 EDT 2007

On 10/25/07, Jehan <jehan at zemarmot.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> thank you this works... mostly. Now I have a last question (at least for
> today). What does this sentence mean?
> "Toolbars and menus are also not given focus when you click in them, so
> that you can keep on working in the main window without having to click
> back to it."
> What I understood, in Gimp for instance, is that if I work in the main
> windows (the image in Gimp); then I want to click some option in the
> tool box, I should though still be focused in the main window.
> Yet after the modification in the preference you hinted me, all the
> other feature worked, but not this one. Here is an example of step by
> step procedure to reproduce:
> 1/ I am focused on the image.
> 2/ I click on a button in a toolbox, for instance, I choose a previous
> step in the annulation history.
> 3/ Now I am supposed to be kept focused in the image. But this is not
> the case (a test for instance is to run a shortcut of menu, let's say
> "alt-f", it will open the File menu of the toolbox, not the image).
> So is it a bug, or something I don't understand?

There are many window types.  Gimp windows are hinted as utility
windows not toolbar or menus.  Toolbars are like when you drag a row
of buttons out of a window.  Menus are when you snap a window open.
Neither of these are very common at all, and its quite likely you'll
never encounter them.

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