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Troy Curtis Jr troycurtisjr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 23:26:07 EDT 2007

On 4/11/07, Clay Barnes <clay.barnes at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 19:48 Wed 11 Apr     , Martin Lucina wrote:
> > clay.barnes at gmail.com said:
> > > In a sentence---the idea of maximization is that it's a state where
> > > the window cannot fill the screen more (or less) completely.  If you
> > > could resize the window, that state would lose its meaning.  I know
> >
> > I presume you meant "... can fill the screen ...".
> I actually did mean "cannot," which, if you look carefully does work
> (though I'll admit I syntactically parallelized what was not
> semantically parallel---the necessity of full usage (". . .cannot fill
> the screen more. . .") of the screen with the requirement of fixed
> size (". . .cannot not fill the screen [...] less. . .").  I apologize
> (to the whole list) for my poor style.  I should know better (being a
> native English speaker *and* a Linguist!).
> >
> > I'd actually find this use case useful, along with it's sister case,
> > moving a maximized window:
> I agree it's a useful case to be able to maximize a window and then
> take a little space from it on some edge.  The real question is what
> happens for the maximize state?  Do we toggle only dimensions that
> have changed (still horizontally maximized if we only make the window
> shorter, or do we make it just floating again?)
> >
> > With a multi-head setup, a maximimzed window will cover only one head.
> > It's sometimes easier to maximize an app, then go and resize it.  Being
> > able to move it (to the other head(s)) just by dragging would also be
> > useful.
> Similar question:  do we toggle out of states for the move?  Do we
> just snap between screens?  What about different-sized heads?
> >
> > I can certainly remember trying to do this a few times and going
> > "Hey, why can't I do that?".
> If well done, it could be a boon to OB3 to have these features (I
> think), but keep in mind people like OB3 the way it is too, so if you
> code it, make sure to make it a configurable feature!
> >
> >
> > -mato
> --
> Clay Barnes

I brought up the same issue a while back myself. Well, at least the
ability to move maximized windows.  To my mind the maximize button
should only be a shortcut and not really be indicative of a "state".
Just fill the screen, and line the window up, but it still just some
window that can be moved, resized etc.  Of course, clicking the button
to restore the window would be really difficult to track!  I guess the
real way to do what I want is to simply drop the maximized state when
the window is moved.

I would love to see this feature.  I looked at coding it myself a
while back, but I don't do any GUI related programming and was quickly
lost!  I tried a few things but gave up.

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