modal windows with virtual desktops causing lockup ?

Mike Mattie codermattie at
Sun Nov 19 20:04:34 EST 2006


A particular application , sylpheed-claws I suspect, is generating modal
error dialogs. Sylpheed itself is running on virtual desktop #2 , and
I am usually in desktop #1 . When this occurs it seems that the modality
is honored by the window manager disabling other window operations.

I recently left my computer for a couple of days, and when I returned
I found such a dialog, but it would not accept events. neither could
I switch desktops with keyboard shortcuts, focus windows, or even
bring up the menu with a right-click on the background.  Interestingly
enouph the
<ctl>-<alt>-<backspace> didn't work, and also the <sysrq> magic keys
failed to generate events to X, or even the kernel. I had to ssh
in to kill the login session.

I am not sure if openbox just locked up, if the modal window contributed
or caused it, but I thought an option to disable modal windows might
help. Is there such an option ?

Should I investigate further presuming a bug or mis-feature ?
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