WMNut not docking straight away

Steven Kah Hien Wong steven at zensaki.com
Sun Nov 12 08:11:38 EST 2006


Anyone tried using WMNut (http://wmnut.mgeups.org/) with Openbox before?
I find it doesn't dock into the slit when I start it (it become a normal
window with no background instead). But when I restart Openbox it does dock.

Would this be Openbox or WMNut's problem?

I have similar problems with getting Docker and GAIM to work too. But
after a bit of restarting of Docker/GAIM/Openbox, it works. :)

I am using Ubuntu Linux 6.10 (Edgy), Openbox 3.3.1 and WMNut 0.6.2.


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