No text and buttons in the titlebar

Jan-Hendrik Zab xaero at
Wed May 31 14:39:42 EDT 2006

I am a quite new user of Openbox, so maybe I just haven't found the
right configure option or something else.

My problem is that there are no buttons, icons and also no text in the
titlebar of the windows. Until now I tried a few different skins and
versions, but with no success at all.
At the moment the CVS Head is installed, cause it was, except this one
problem, running fine and I saw no reason to change it. (Ok, I admit,
also because I'm a little junky when it comes to new versions.) I also
tried 3.3_rc2-r2 and 20060509, both installed with portage under Gentoo

I unfortunately hadn't the time to just look into the code myself and
as things go also won't have in the next time. :( Also google couldn't

    Jan-Hendrik Zab


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