Dual monitor, xinerama and full screen movies

fonseka at gmail.com fonseka at gmail.com
Thu May 11 03:31:29 EDT 2006

Hi there,

I'm having a problem using openbox. I recently bought a second monitor
and I got it working using NVidia Twinview + Xinerama nicely. So right
now,  have a 2560x1024 desktop resolution, with xinerama working nice!

But I have a problem: when I play videos on the first monitor, and got
it full screen, my second monitor becames black. If I move the video
to the second monitor and put it full screen the first monitor works

First I thought it was a xinerama or twinview problem, but then I
tried gnome and it always work ok! So I think it's an openbox
problem... Any hint??

Thank you,

Will work for bandwidth

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