focus follows mouse and keybinding raise/lower window

Emile Snyder emile at
Mon May 8 17:18:03 EDT 2006


From the FAQ:

Q: When I lower, raise or move windows with a keybinding, focus doesn't
follow the mouse!
A: This is a feature, how large is the chance that the mouse
accidentally enters a window you want to focus when you move or
lower/raise something?

Uhh, for me, 99% because I'm always sending windows to the back of the
stack to *get at what's behind them*.  I've switched to openbox recently
because blackbox makes my gnome panel based desktop take forever to
start up (presumably because it's waiting for a session type connection
to time out since blackbox doesn't support sessions?).  The focus issue
is a deal killer to me.

Can one of the openbox hackers point me quickly to which source file I
should poke around in to change this behavior?

-Emile Snyder

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