[openbox] menu delay

Dirk Jagdmann doj at cubic.org
Wed May 3 08:51:44 EDT 2006

> I've been using 8756 with xorg 7.0-r1 and ob 3.2-r2 on my amd64 without 
> any problems. I believe I also had 8174 and xorg-6.something on the same 
> system. I wonder if there are other factors than just the nvidia driver?

Could be true. On my computer I'm running XFree 4.5.0. As Compiling 
different X versions and installing kernel modules is really time 
consuming I'm currently not eager to do an real research on all the 
possible combinations of X and nvidia to find out the root of my 
problems. And it could very well be some other library on my system.

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