openbox & firefox on OpenBSD/amd64

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pierre-yves at
Thu Mar 2 11:44:40 EST 2006


First I'm a fan of openbox, I've been using it at work and at home for a 
I was about to send a patch for 3.2 enabling a feature called 
'ToggleFullScreen' but I just saw that the exact same feature was added 
in openbox-3.3-rc.

Back to my main problem, my new work box is an amd64 workstation I've 
always ran OpenBSD, the current system is a recent OpenBSD snapshot.

I'm experiencing segfaults when closing windows fast (gdb shows that the 
crash comes from ob_main_loop_x_remove).
These are annoying but OK, i need to compile my openbox with debugging 
symbols and not stripped to trace the offending action, it probably 
comes from the fact that the new malloc acts a bit like electric-fence, 
it automatically crashes apps that access unallocated memory which is 
probably what happens.

The really weird part is mozilla components (firefox & thunderbird), 
their windows don't show up ! The process runs though...
I really tried to get the problem behind this, i was able to make the 
window show up by running through ssh X forwarding to localhost !

Of course this doesn't show up in my other wm (which i have to revert to 
for now: xfwm4).

When i launch thunderbird or firefox from xfwm4, then kill it then start 
openbox, openbox crashes with a segfault.
When doing it the other way around, I get net_wm_unmanaged warnings from 
  xfwm4, is this an unmanaged ewmh property of some sort and why the 
**&! wouldn't it cause a problem on other platforms...

I'm going to investigate further and see what i can get out of these 
segfaults, I'll get back to you as soon as I can, the bummer is that my 
amd64 box is at work...

Thanks for your time,
Pierre-Yves, openbox enthusiast

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