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Dave Foster daf at minuslab.net
Wed Mar 1 13:48:02 EST 2006

lostson wrote:
>>> lf though as well. Thanks in advance.
>> I'm not sure about the exact cause. I have seen folks on the Gentoo
>> forums claiming that downgrading their libglade package worked. I'm not
>> sure - never bothered myself.
> Im looking into it further today maybe I can fix it. I cant seem to find
> anyway to contact the author and get his thoughts though.

I was working on it last night with no results, but I have gleaned some 
information from another developer.  He told me somewhere along the line 
Glade changed to require gobject-2.0 (as in the package name) and 
without that, all the glade autoconnections fail.  He said to put 
gobject-2.0 as one of the requirements in the Makefile.in (or is it .am, 
I can never remember) and then all should be ok.

I'm at work and won't be home to try it for a few hours, but if someone 
else wants to try this go ahead :) 

BTW, the maintainer is Safari_Al and he hangs out in #openbox 
(irc.oftc.net), and he's in the Australian timezone.


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