[openbox] root scroll direction

Javeed Shaikh syscrash2k at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 12:43:49 EDT 2006

If you read the documentation, you can configure any key to do anything.
This means that you can do:
  <context name="Desktop">
    <mousebind button="Up" action="Press">
      <action name="DesktopPrevious">
    <mousebind button="Down" action="Press">
      <action name="DesktopNext">

Or you can swap 'Up' and 'Down' or 'DesktopNext' and
'DesktopPrevious'. The docs are helpful! :)

On 6/29/06, R.B. Boyer <arebee at nexusvector.net> wrote:
> I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the direction that my
> mouse wheel progresses through the desktops when I scroll on the root
> window?
> From back in the days of openbox2, it would seem that
> session.screenX.rootScrollDirection was the option to set ('reverse'),
> but I could not seem to find an equivalent in openbox3.

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