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Manuel Colmenero m.kolme at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 08:54:17 EST 2006

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:06:24 +0000
David Barr <david at chalkskeletons.com> wrote:

> Has anyone used this?

Seems that only you and me :)

> i have used obm-xdg to replace my root menu, which is supercool, however
> i don't quite get how it works as a pipe, has anyone else had any luck?

try adding manually this:

	<menu execute="/path/to/obm-xdg" id="xdg-menus" label="Gnome"/>

wherever you want in your menu.xml

> i think that maybe if i could export the xdg menu to a submenu, then
> that would be cool? i am not really having much luck with pipe menus as
> a whole :( 

I guess it would be something like this:
obm-xdg --import
mv ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml ~/.config/openbox/gnome.xml
mv ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml~ ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml
and then tweaking your config.xml and menu.xml to use it as a submenu

Anyway, using the dynamic pipe menu should be better..

> Manuel, this is a really great idea btw.
Thank you very much!

kolme -at- telefonica.net

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