[openbox] Problem with gnome desktop

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at rifetech.com
Sun Jan 15 16:55:55 EST 2006

On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 07:03:19PM +0100, Mael Hilléreau wrote:
>   I encounter a problem while using openbox in replacement to metacity 
> (gnome 2.10): my gnome desktop isn't always displayed correctly. 
> Sometimes the desktop is perfectly displayed (one can see icons, etc.) 
> and functionnal, but repeatedly (at some particular points, always while 
> showing/hiding/displaying/iconifying windows), the desktop disappears 
> and is then shown as if it was a kind of gray window with a vertical 
> scrolling bar -- a screenshot is available here: 
> http://mael.hillereau.free.fr/public/openbox-gnome.png.

Xorg bug:


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