Problem with gnome desktop

Mael Hilléreau mael.hillereau at
Sun Jan 15 13:03:19 EST 2006

   Hi the list,

   I encounter a problem while using openbox in replacement to metacity 
(gnome 2.10): my gnome desktop isn't always displayed correctly. 
Sometimes the desktop is perfectly displayed (one can see icons, etc.) 
and functionnal, but repeatedly (at some particular points, always while 
showing/hiding/displaying/iconifying windows), the desktop disappears 
and is then shown as if it was a kind of gray window with a vertical 
scrolling bar -- a screenshot is available here:

I can't figure out what causes this problem, but when it arises, I 
noticed that if I create/close one or more windows, it turns out to 
disappear -- but it rapidly reappears while creating/deleting some other 

Does anyone have an idea about what could be the reason for this bug ??

Note: I'm using a gentoo linux on an amd64 and I don't encounter the 
same bug on other gentoo computers (running in 32 bits). I neither 
encounter the bug while using metacity.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Mael Hilléreau

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