[openbox] theming: change win title height / menu title height

Iwan Gabovitch wanjaworm at web.de
Tue Jan 10 08:48:20 EST 2006

On Mon, 09 Jan 2006 22:50:17 +0100, Mark Pustjens <pustjens at dds.nl> wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Jonas J Linde wrote:
>> And Iwan Gabovitch spoke unto the world. And said:
>>> Hey there,
>>> I was wondering what magic word(s) to put in the 'themerc' file to make
>>> the menu title dissapear or the window title height change.
>>> I found the file /usr/local/include/openbox/3.3/openbox/theme.h and the
>>> from the lines 43/44
>>> "    gint title_height;		"
>>> "    gint menu_title_height;	"
>>> I tried "window.active.title.height: 14" and "menu.title.height: 0", no
>>> reaction. I did 'refresh/reconfigure' openbox.
>>> I am sure there is a way to get some kind of order working to change
>>> window/menu title sizes, just don't know how..
>>> I'd be glad if there is hope for me being helped ;) my version is  
>>> 3.3rc2
>> Changing the font size and padding works. Eg.
>>  padding.width: 0
>>  window.active.label.text.font: Bitstream Vera Sans:pixelsize=0
>> The menu bar doesn't disappear but it gets rather small (two pixels
>> wide). I guess what you're after is to make all windows "undecorated"
>> but I'm not sure how to do that except from the window menu.
>> Cheers,
> Another option would be to remove the window decorations. This has to be  
> done for every window seperatly...
> ...unless you use an application like devilspie
> Greetings

Okay, thanks very muchio for the helping (attempts?) ;)
my menu font size was already zero and setting padding.width: 0 does in  
fact help a little, but the two pixles that are left are not only there,  
disturbing my poor eyes :), they also are transparent or translucent or  
whatever, I can see through them as if there was a hole in my menu.
As to the window title: changing the font size does increase it, but it  
never goes down to 14px, which I want to have (actually it does go down to  
14px but i want to keep my border, which is two times one additional pixel)

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:26:54 +0100, Doug Whiteley <dougwhiteley at gmail.com>  

> About removing the menu title -
> Change the TRUE to FALSE in openbox/menuframe.c line 64, recompile,  
> enjoy.

That sounds neat, but I even don't know how recompiling is being done =D.  
Don't worry about me, Abitur comes first anyway, then I'll have a look in  
the web what recompiling means and will definitely dig arround in the  
source (which I too have never done before..)
I guess there also will be the number '14', which I will just change to  
twelve.. Thanx!

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