[openbox] Sending fake input events

Krešimir Špes kresimir.spes at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 12:34:31 EST 2006

Hey thanks allot, that was exactly what I was looking for :)

I just have a minor problem:

kreso at localhost ~ $ xse '<KeyPress>0x1be'
Click mouse in desired window...
xse: no keycode for keysym, event argument 1
     context: "<KeyPress>0x1be"
     error is -----------^ here
kreso at localhost ~ $

in the manual states that you can use keycodes by specifying its hex
value instead of keysyms since xse doesnt recognise all keysyms;

Alexander Glyzov wrote:
> Hi all.
> There is a good program called "xse".
> Homepage:            ftp://ftp.x.org/R5contrib/
> Description:         Command Line Interface to XSendEvent()

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