Sending fake input events

Krešimir Špes kresimir.spes at
Fri Dec 22 17:53:10 EST 2006

I'm using different keyboard shortcuts for copy\paste and since many
apps have C-c & C-v hardcoded, I was thinking of faking input events.

eg. when I press C-u, openbox or X catches it and translates to C-c.

I have accomplished this by writing a small C program that uses the Xtst
extension, but it's not performing too well;

Is there a different (better) way to address this issue?

Also, I'd like to use this oppertunity to ask if anyone knows how to
send fake char events? I need to use some non ascii chars and I dont
like switching between keyboard layouts to be able to use them;

Kresimir Spes

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