[openbox] which distro?

mike obrien greypins at nc.rr.com
Wed Dec 20 07:14:27 EST 2006

i'm an ubuntu user.   i have openbox on my old desktop.   using it with apps 
like dillo, sylpheed-claws, mp3blaster and doing all the file managment with 
the cl, made it pretty fast and very usable.   as i am just a humble end 
user, i did a regular full installation and then stripped off the things i 
knew i didn't need (i've only recently discovered 'apt-get autoremove' which 
dumps unused libraries, among other things).   my laptop has the power to 
make gnome and kde very useable, so i tend to experiment with more exotic 
apps.   my kde setup (i just installed kdebase and added the apps i wanted) 
was inspired by openbox.   and in openbox, i'm using konqueror, kmail, amarok 
and a few other kde apps.   

i'm glad i asked this question.   aside from enjoying 'what are your three 
favorite text editors' type threads, i'm delighted to find that openbox, 
pretty much, hums on all the distros.   on the ubuntu forums, we had gotten 
into a number of discussions on which distros did this or that DE/wm better.      


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