[openbox] which distro?

David Shakaryan omp at gentoo.org
Wed Dec 20 05:50:58 EST 2006

David Courtney wrote:
> But if you took Ubuntu, installed OpenBox, disabled gdm, and then had
> Ubuntu boot to the command line where you just used "startx" to get to
> OpenBox, I imagine it would run every bit as well as it would if you
> had just done a minimal Debian install.  The only difference being,
> with the Debian install, you won't have a gigabyte of unused gnome
> libs on your system.  And if you decided to remove all those unused
> libs, it would be a lot of work tracking down all the unused parts and
> removing them.

You do know that a minimal Ubuntu install is possible, right? :P

David Shakaryan
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