[openbox] OB very slow to open over GNOME

Benedict Brown bjbrown+openbox at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jun 15 18:13:22 EDT 2005

In answer to both, I like the gnome panel for status, but I don't like 
having icons on my desktop--using OB's pop-up menu is much more efficient. 
The panel is very unhappy when it isn't run inside of a session manager, 
and gnome-session provides that.


>> Just out of curiousity why are we trying to use Gnome with openbox as
>> the WM and then turning off Nautilus
>> as well. ??
> Because if we don't turn off Nautilus, the desktop doesn't receive
> click-throughs and you don't get the OB menu (unless you have a
> keybinding for it, and like using the keyboard, which I don't, much)
> I don't see a lot of point in running OB if you don't have the menu
> available (heaven knows metacity is "prettier" as a WM, and I put a lot
> of work into menu.xml).... even though the GNOME menu is of course
> there, if I wanted to use that I would not be running OB over GNOME, but
> just GNOME.
> Maybe I'll just go back to running OB with the gnome-panel, instead....
> now that I have an appropriate session, I could run that in the OB
> startup script as well. Maybe that would be enough of a GNOME backend to
> make the various applets and what-not happy.
> It's interesting; KDE programs open up a bunch of KDE backend if you run
> them without KDE (I use Krusader and Kwikdisk), so they're a bit slow to
> start, but they don't give you any grief after that. But try opening
> Totem without GNOME, then login to GNOME and try it again. Maybe it's
> just me, but there was a *huge* difference (3 minutes as opposed to
> 'almost instantly'). That's really what I'm looking for a solution to;
> it's not like I really have some desperate need to run GNOME
> specifically. Just a lot of GNOME programs (I really would like to get
> rid of KDE so I've been on a big replacement jag).
> Holly
> Holly

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