[openbox] Recursive filesystem browsing pipe menu, revisited. (Version 4)

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at online.no
Sat Jun 4 06:05:54 EDT 2005

since this script actually has generated some small interest, I've  
fixed the two bugs mentioned by Clay, Mikael and Doug. I haven't taken  
a look at Matthew's script yet, but I'm sure it's less of a hack than  
this is :-)

The script now uses $0 and defaults to your home directory if you don't  
give it an argument.

Which brings us to the improvements suggested by Clay..

On 06/01/05 18:32:01, Clay Barnes wrote:
>  1) Follow symlinks, so symlinked structures are handled like if you   
> were  cd'ing in the console (my home dir is just a bunch of symlinks  
> across  physical discs, so the browse does me no good in ~).

The script now follows symlinks.

>  2) Break up long lists of files, which wreak havoc on the menu   
> placement, causing it to skip up and down the screen when I happen   
> across /bin/ or similar dirs.

I agree, large directories are a *mess*. But as long as the bottommost  
entry isn't a directory, ob will scroll the menu as you mouse down.

Breaking up long lists of files won't happen from my end though, as it  
would require more than the 5 minutes each I've sacrificed to do my  
earlier "fixes".

Maybe you can use a combination of <warpPointer> and <xorStyle> to  
limit the menu jumping around...

>  Regardless of these issues, I love the script.  I plan to do the  
> work  myself to make the changes, but I sometimes write messy code,  
> and  I'll  be without any real 'net access for three months (getting  
> away from  it  all, rather against my will) so I won't be able to  
> share 'till  August.

The code's rather messy anyways, but at 100 lines it doesn't matter  
whatsoever. Glad someone finds it useful.*


* I don't, and AFAIK neither did dircha :-p
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