[openbox] Recursive filesystem browsing pipe menu, improved

mfitzgib mfitzgib at simla.colostate.edu
Sat Jun 4 00:42:54 EDT 2005

Well, if this topic hasn't gotten entirely stale yet, I think I'll post my new 
improved dirlist.pl script, now with a FILE LIMITER (I believe that this was 
one of the features mentioned earlier in the thread). I just finished testing, 
so the code could probably use some cleaning up and more testing. I'll 
probably post an updated version on my site (www.sildan.tk) sometime next 
week, but I'd appreciate it if someone actually wanted to test this out and 
yell at me for bugs :)

Since openbox waits until the script finishes executing, I decided to output 
the entries after the limiter to temp files. The main improvement I'd like to 
make, then, is an easy way to get rid of the temp files.

>On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 10:30 -0600, mfitzgib wrote:
>> I thought I'd post another script up here that does pretty much the same
>> thing, but this one incorporates mime types... I've been using it for 
>> and I love it. While I did make a couple minor tweaks, the original author 
>> Dave Foster, and I came across it in the Gentoo forums (there's one that 
has a
>> fair listing of ob pipe menu scripts). I want to make a few larger changes
>> also, but there's just never time....

Matthew Fitzgibbons
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