[openbox] [OT] utility to group together (NOT tab) multiple windows ?

Lucas Hazel lucas at digitillogic.net
Thu Sep 30 20:29:35 EDT 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 21:23:15 +0200
Marco Molteni <molter at tin.it> wrote:

> I would like to "group" together multiple windows, in a sort
> of "container" window. I am _not_ looking for tabbing or xembed,
> I want all the windows to be visible at the same time:

I've wanted to see this feature in a WM for quite some time, The way I
envisioned it was that if windows were 'touching' eachother you could
send a command to 'glue' them together and moving one window would
also move the rest.

In fact I think I have seen this being done, in another WM

I'm in no way suggesting this needs to be implemented in openbox, I just
find the idea very interesting.

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