[openbox] How to minimizie applications into docker?

Rene D. Obermueller rd_obermueller at freenet.de
Tue Sep 28 09:05:47 EDT 2004


> Could anybody tell me if there is an application like xfce4-iconbox which
> can be docked into Openbox's docker? xfce4-iconbox doesn't work with
> wmswallow. I just want to see all my minimized applications as icons in
> docker, because I use no taskbar.

I'm not sure if this might help you. I currently have icons of
minimized applications displayed on the desktop, this is similar
to twm and the fvwm-iconbox style.
This can be achieved (for example) by using the pinboard in ROX-Filer.
The only problem with this is, ROX-Filer is an all-in-one-package,
but unfortunately I found no alternative.

With best regards.
René D. Obermüller

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