Wish list

Ed Murphy emurphy42 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 01:40:04 EDT 2004

1) Ability to resize a window by click-dragging an edge.  If you drag the
   top or bottom edge, then only the height may change; if you drag the
   left or right edge, then only the width may change.  Click-dragging a
   corner would continue to behave the way it currently does.

2) Ability to give the dock an ordered list of dockapps, and have it display
   those dockapps in that order, regardless of what order the dockapps were
   launched.  Any dockapps not in the list would continue to behave the way
   they currently do (i.e. get added to the end of the current display).

   I'm current working around this issue by using a script along the lines
   of the following:

     dockapp1 &
     sleep 5
     dockapp2 &
     sleep 1
     dockapp 3 &

   'sleep 1' compensates for minor differences in start-up speed.  'sleep 5'
   compensates for my first-login-of-the-day being slower than usual (as
   various nightly updates have used up all the cache and such, and it has
   to toss that data and cache my desktop stuff instead).

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