[openbox] OB: composite?

David Courtney blixel at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 13:48:15 EDT 2004

> 2) your video shows, how the compmgr improves on that?

I assume the question mark means that is a question?  My answer would
- yes.  If you watched the 2nd video, I don't know how you could miss
the difference.  Without xcompmgr running, the trailing of the windows
is hellacious.  (Regardless if I run Gnome/Metacity or OpenBox)

> 3) did I see any Win-vs-Lin in the video?

The 1st video shows Windows first, then Linux. 

The videos were created to illustrate exactly what I am seeing on my
monitors.  I posted a question on the forums on the gentoo website and
decided to make the videos for the sake of clarity.  They are adhoc
videos.  They weren't scientifically created and aren't meant to
"prove" anything.  I was just demonstrating what I see on my screens
hoping that someone would have an idea of how to make it better.

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