OB: composite?

David Courtney blixel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 22:46:21 EDT 2004

I'm not completely sure how to word this question, so pardon me if it
sounds strange.  But I'm hopeful that you will be able to understand
the intent of the question.

Will xorg-x11 composite rendering be merged into OpenBox?  I currently
have to run xcompmgr to get this feature.  I don't care about the
shadowing/transparency or any of that goofy stuff.  But the difference
I get with and without xcompmgr is night and day.  See this little
video clip if you like. 
http://www.davidcourtney.org/Win-vs-Lin-video2.wmv   (Part 1 -

(Yes - I was running Gnome/Metacity in those videos, but OB is what I
normally use.)

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