Executing programs on startup

Martin Dinstuhl MartinD at tocquigny.com
Wed Sep 15 16:44:53 EDT 2004

Hey everyone,
  I'm new to Openbox (switched from bb to fb to ob3) and am still working my
way through the various config and theme files.  I've been trying to get my
.xinitrc file set up to run OBPager, gkrellm and bsetbg at startup but keep
running into problems.  Gkrellm and bsetbg  will run okay but I get an error
from OBPager that appreas to say that it can't connect to the XServer
(because it hasn't started yet!).  Is it possible to set up the rc.xml to
execute OBPager after Openbox has started?
Martin Dinstuhl
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