[openbox] Big windows, panning

Corey Wright undefined at pobox.com
Tue Sep 7 10:56:41 EDT 2004

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 16:31:35 +0400
Maarten Boekhold <boekhold at gmail.com> wrote:

> If I use exceed from a windows box, I can 'pan' the screen by
> selecting the window and moving the mouse pointer to the bottom of the
> window/screen.  This causes the entire 'view port' to be moved down.

you must be using exceed in full-screen mode (or whatever exceed calls
it; can't remember).  i run exceed in windowed mode where each xwindows
application has a window and there is no all encompassing exceed window.
 in windowed mode, if an application resides off the screen, i can press
at the screen edge at the location where the application disappears and
the application will be moved upward.  same purpose as you describe,
just in a different mode.

> Openbox (compiled on cygwin btw.) doesn't allow this AFAIK. Does
> anybody know of a way to allow me to see the bottom part of such a
> window?

i presume you are running this on windows because of the cygwin
reference.  what x server are you running?  exceed?  xfree86 (or has it
followed the linux distributions to x.org or whatever)?

if you are using xfree86 you should be able to press & hold alt, click &
hold anywhere on the application's window, and move the window by moving
the mouse.  you don't have to click on an application's title bar to
move it, you can press & hold alt, click & hold the primary mouse button
and move the window.  (at least this is how it works under linux; not
sure if this standard for all window managers or the x server.)

you should be able to try this under exceed, especially if you are using
exceed in full window mode, where i believe exceed simple acts like a x
server and still requires a window manager (where i think exceed acts
also as the window manager in the windowed mode that i use).

try that.
undefined at pobox.com

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