[openbox] xinerama/twinview mplayer fullscreen problem

Joaquin Aguirrezabalaga Espinosa joaquin.aguirrezabalaga at hispalinux.es
Mon Nov 29 16:19:49 EST 2004

El lun, 29-11-2004 a las 03:24 +0100, Gabor Bernath escribió: 
> i exeperience strange behaviour of mplayer on openbox xinemara setup.
> switching to fullscreen works fine on one of my screens. but when i switch 
> to fullscreen on the other screen, the first screen goes white. 
> however, it just works fine while running xfce window manager.

I think I had the same problem. By default, openbox tries to
'fullscreen' windows that are on the main monitor across all monitors.
For me, that gave problems with programs such as mplayer, xine or xawtv.
I sent a patch to bugzilla #2001
(https://bugzilla.icculus.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2001) that fixed the
problem for me.
The patch defines a new variable for rc.xml that lets you choose between
default behaviour, and make fullscreen windows occupy just one monitor.
For that you must set that variable to 'no' as in following example:

  .... (other variables) ...

I hope this solves your problem.
Joaquín Aguirrezabalaga Espinosa
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