[openbox] Remember window-settings?

Kristian Niemi rance at mbnet.fi
Tue Mar 23 13:29:02 EST 2004

Just out of curiosity, exactly what are the windowmanagers tasks; what's 
windowmanager-specific, and when does it cross over the line and become 
a task for `a full featured desktop environment'?

Icons on the desktop etc., /that/ belongs to a `full featured desktop 
environment' or some such, or so I've understood it. But remembering 
/window/-geometry and -position seems to me to be something related to, 
and only to, /windows/, hence I thought that it might be the 
/window/managers task to control this?

Seems like Devil's Pie could be the thing I was looking for though, so 
thanks to all who've mentioned it (and wmctrl)!

h: Kristian

Mads Martin Joergensen wrote:
> * Kristian Niemi <rance at mbnet.fi> [Mar 23. 2004 17:21]:
>>What are you referring to with ouch? That there isn't such a way; that 
>>there should be; or perhaps that there /really shouldn't be/? ;)
> Openbox cannot do that, and is not supposed to do so. You want to run
> some full featured desktop environment like xfce, gnome or kde.
> Openbox is a windowmanager.

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