[openbox] java swing app doesn't resize on alt drag

Alexander Futasz acid.punk at gmx.net
Fri Mar 12 10:52:27 EST 2004

On Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:17:56 -0500, John Russell wrote:
> I just downloaded Jbuddy Messenger Pro, a Lotus Sametime client
> written in Java (looks like Swing).  
> I can resize the main window by dragging the corners around, but for
> some reason holding down alt and dragging inside the window does not
> resize at all.  This is the only app I've ever seen exhibit this
> behavior, but the alt-drag resize works in metacity, so I thought it
> might be some unique openbox/java interaction.  

Just for the record. I use jedit (also swing) and resize via alt-drag
works fine.

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